Podcast #540- Italian GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and discuss Lesmos, penalties and Australian accents as well as Finspiracies.

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The Captain

Hey, just want to give a bit of perspective on the Lance Stroll hate from down here in the rabble and why it will probably never really go away. There’s a little secrete the poor kids know, and that is when you only let the rich kids do something, we aren’t impressed when it’s the rich kids that succeed at it. No matter how well he does for an ’18 year old kid’ for poor people he will always represent the 20 other 18 year old kids who never got the chance to show they where even better because they… Read more »

Negative Camber

Lewis wasn’t a rich kid. Seb wasn’t a rich kid, Schumacher(s) weren’t rich kids, Senna was a rich kid, Webber was’t a rich kid. The grid has had its share of kids from disparate backgrounds who have done well and found the right support and backing. What he did in Q3 had nothing to do with money but I understand your point. What Lewis did in Q3 had nothing to do with his money. Remember, he grew up on a couch in Stevenage. ;)


I slept on the couch last night and shaved 1/10th off my morning commute.

Negative Camber

A lot of good things can come from a couch.

The International

change and free snacks being my favourite!

The Captain

Oh I agree, I’m just saying for a large portion of the fan-base any good thing he does will always represent the lost chance of something better someone from their class could have done. So he’ll always have detractors no matter how good he does.

Now I need to go actually finish the podcast!

Fabio Tonelli

Hey man,
I found your podcasts towards the end of last year and I must say it’s probably one of the best out there.
I generally agree with most of what you and your guests say, although as an Aussie I’m outraged that you picked Bottas over Ricciardo on Driver of the day :-)

Anyway, keep up the awesome work.

The international

Glad to hear it! DR may not have got driver of the day but he did get pass of the race even though he got some help from the evil DRS so that’s got to be worth something

Fabio Tonelli

DR3 also had a great pass at Perez, sold him a huge dummy and then nailed him. Similar to what he did to Vettel a few years ago.

Negative Camber

DR had an awesome race. He’s an awesome guy and I know both Paul and I think a lot of him regardless of Paul’s love of Bottas. ;)

Thanks so much for listening and the for the kind words.

Fabio Tonelli

DR3 also had a great pass at Perez, sold him a huge dummy and then nailed him. Similar to what he did to Vettel a couple of years ago.


Great Podcast gentlemen! I absolutely loved Paul’s explanation of being on the limit at the Lesmos. More of that please! As an avid sim racer, how much of that can be simulated? For me, I listen for tire squealing or on some sims I can feel the weight distribution change through the steering wheel. Is it more more obvious feeling it through your butt? Also, I’ve heard that F1 brake pedals are very stiff and unlike street cars the gradual tension and release has a lot more feel associated with it. Does that make it easier on corner entry?

The international

Yes there’s no better feedback than your inner balancer (seat of the pants) most sims are reactive so that puts you behind already, you’d like to feel it coming rather than react to when it did
Formula car brake pedals are very heavy, F1 especially not sure if that makes it easier as your movement on the brake pedal are slight so a little goes a long way , the car will react quicker so once your in tune with it you can fix things immediately