Podcast #543

Join Grace and me as we discuss Red Bull and Aston Martin, Alonso, Porsche, F1’s lack of action and the delicious stew that Toro Rosso have become.

Fashion award winner:

BTR Player:

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Meine Postma

Am I the only one getting tired of the Lewis Hamilton fashion award won by Lewis Hamilton? At least with Michael Schumacher you had not the feeling it was intentional.

Negative Camber

It’s like Mercedes…when your engine is so good that it dominates the entire grid fans get bored with it. I wish I could say that anyone else is close to Lewis in the fashion department but they aren’t. Listeners send us Lewis pics all the time. If you see another worthy pic that isn’t Lewis, let us know.

Schumi Toronto

Nobody else dresses poorly enough to compete! Hammy makes it too easy!


Great podcast again, guys. I know it’s a bit early, but are there any activities planned for the listeners of the podcast in Austin this year? BTW I do miss the Michael Schumacher award pics. Maybe their should be an archive somewhere…maybe even “Hot or Not”voting. ;)

Negative Camber

I’m not sure if we are going to Austin this year. IF we do, we’ll be sure to announce any tweetups and get togethers for sure.


You wanted to know where we’re listening from? This week I’m in Noosa Heads, in Queensland, Australia. I do see Mr M Webber here occasionally – he has a home here.

Negative Camber

That’s terrific! Love our Aussie listeners and as you know, Paul and I are fans of Australia. Noosa Heads sounds very remote to me but what do I know? Thanks for listening, my friend.

Schumi Toronto

Hey NC & Grace … great podcast as usual! Couple of things:

– Late on using puffs for your sore nose?
Rub Regular OZONOL on the edges of your nose at night.
– Next morning, either perfect or repeat at night until good.
– Works every time! (Still time to do it NC)

Excellent Bob impersonation!

You killed me with ZOOLANDER!
– Swiss sweater with matching socks – CHECK!
– Matching Puce-coloured checked jacket with matching shorts …
– Fake steel toe’d work boots – CHECK!
– Hammy as the model – CHECK!

Negative Camber

I am happy to say that I believe the Trans Siberian flu that I got from Joel Hoekstra has all cleared up but good to know for future reference. Wonder if I can just put some of that on Paul and make him feel better?