Podcast #551 – The Thanksgiving Special

Join Paul and Me at a pub in St. louis Missouri as we answer’s most burning pre-season questions. We discuss McLaren, Lewis, Nico, Ferrari, fat tires, engines, Sauber, Force India, and much more. We have a beer at discuss F1 at a pub along with you. Apologies for background noise but hey, that’s life in a pub with an IPA.

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Paul KieferJr

Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas, FO Sainz

charlie white

Can we go back to using the word “difference” than “delta”?

Negative Camber

Nah…I think I’ll go with discongruity.

The international

I am so with you on that, I fought it for so long and now I’ve become a part of the problem!

Negative Camber

You’re being discongruous.