Podcast #555- The FBC vs FOM discussion

Join Grace and me as we discuss our situation with Formula One Management (FOM) and even manage to get in some F1 news. If you couldn’t care less about our plight with FOM, then fair warning, skip the first 30 minutes of the show.

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Abhishek Choudhury

You guys are and have been the voice of the common F1 fans across the globe ! You have our support, please nove the content to another domain and get this out of the way, once and for all.


I second that. If I want to hear a voice of a reason, away from hysteria, I click on my bookmark to get me in here. (I am definitely not brown-nosing). Legacy people seems to be more forgiving since they know that life is not running in absolutes.

Salvu Borg

I don’t care what the new domain name will be, I have no preferences, what ever it turns-up to be, I will be there.




Thanks for a good and reasoned walk-through of the FBC-FOM situation and your thinking. So, onwards and upwards, as they say! And as you note in the podcast, it actually won’t be like starting completely from scratch – the community will still be there, even under a new domain name.

On that subject… while I put in my vote for “grandprixreview” in the other thread, as Shocks&Awe noted, “Grand Prix” is another FOM trademark. So that might not be the best choice, after all. Either way, I’ll see you folks there (where ever “there” will be).


Your kickoff to the topic on the podcast reminded me of the meme “All your base are belong to us”….

I don’t care what the name ends up being, its the content of the site and the people that keep me coming back. If you need any help in transferring the site just let me know.

Tom Firth

The last time Andy Palmer used words like ‘disruptor’ in the case of a race series, this happened… it certainly achieved that but not exactly in the way desired.

comment image

Mark Nelson

Not anywhere near as obsure as you think Mr Camber. Mind you, that band was/is incredibly popular in the UK. You’ve taken care of everything, the words I read, the pods you say, the pictures that give pleasure to my eyes. Hope this isn’t your “Going down the tubes” tour and you continue to go from strength to strength.

Negative Camber

LOL…well done! Awesome. ;)


“Attention all planets websites of the Solar Federation [Internationale de l’Automobile?], We have assumed control…”

Negative Camber

LOL…for the win!!!

Stuart Knappstein

Well said Mr Camber! Im a long time listener from South Australia but do not frequent the website. Looks like thats just changed ;) Im with you guys all the way. As far as Podcasts go this is easily the best one I listen to on a weekly/race by race basis. I follow the BBC 5 Live pod and Autosport for the more main stream flavour pods to do with F1 and they are boarder line cringeworthy… Keep on keeping on Todd, as you say its more about the listeners/fans of the sport and I think F1 will take some… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…..Formula One Management / Liberty Media:

Paul KieferJr

I’ll still be here during the holidays. I’ll figure something out, I’m sure.

charlie white

Like you, NC, I think Marchionne is serious, too. But whenever he brings up the NASCAR analogy(or is it a metaphor), my response would be, “NASCAR, really? The C in FCA stands for Chrysler and they’re not in NASCAR either. So what’s your point?” Next year’s Ferrari runner will have a HEMI or the Dodge Challenger NASCAR entry will be re-branded as a Maserati Quattroporte. Your move, Sergio.

Salvu Borg

The “NASCAR” analogy fits perfectly to what “Moses Brawn” is pushing-out but of which Moses Brawn’s boss says it is only his “Moses Brawn’s” opinion.

charlie white

What’s wrong with standardized parts that are common to all ICE regardless of make? There was a time when all but one team used the Ford Cosworth DFV. This idea of truly building a race car from tire patch to steering wheel is ridiculous. Both Boeing and Airbus build jet liners based on an identical design yet a knowledgeable aviation fan can distinguish the B737 and A321.


Yes… and both Airbus and Boeing use the same engines to boot! (And for the record I don’t want spec engines in F1).

Standardization can be done and no one would know the difference. Look at the steering wheel displays… standardized, yet teams still implement their steering wheel the way they see fit.


Salvu Borg

Yes, standardization can be done, in more ways then one. one way is Ross Brawn’s way of “plug and play”. the other is the boss of Aston Martin’s way of standardizing the bottom part of the engine so that it can be bought off the shelve by those that haven’t got the means or know how to make one.

Salvu Borg

And by the latest declaration from the Mercedes camp “If I were LM, I will not continue to provoke Marchionne” It looks like Brawn’s legs have been already cut-off at the knees.

charlie white

The choice of engines on Boeing and Airbus aircraft is done by the purchasing airline, not the manufacturer.

Salvu Borg

Well it looks like me and you not only have different tastes of F1 racing but also about what F1 is all about/should be about (F1 ethos). Distinguishing F1 cars by color only is certainly not what F1 is all about. only hope that is not the real American way of doing F1.


Wasn’t it Ecclestone and Mosley that hinted at the idea of a pure spec ‘homologated’ engine for F1 in the not to distant past. I don’t see LM pushing for that extreme even at the beginning of negotiations but somewhere in the middle. It seems both entities are seeing the same writing on the wall and until LM muck it up I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.
I’d like to see the real meat and potatoes of what they are proposing, not just the sound bites.

Salvu Borg

Yes Mosely was the first to want what he called “a world engine”. We old timers all know/remember the result of his push. MR Ross Brawn, one of the front men fighting what back then Mosely wanted is now on a parallel road to that of Mosely. The real meat and potatoes of what they are proposing is what they have up to now pushed out on the table, I don’t see what they are “up-to-now” proposing as having a chance of materializing.


When a former company I worked for had a new customer, first thing was a long mail from a lawyer basically threatening the employees to not talk publicly about details. I got their point, I really did, but why do they always send lawyers first? A friendly call and a chat among adults would have worked too! Good luck for the future and I stay tuned!! One comment on the Ferrari situation. I think given the financials, that they basically get F1 for free, because of all the (historical) payments they get out of the sport and sponsorships. Now with… Read more »

Salvu Borg

Up to “now” the key issue is not the money, it is the standardizing of parts which goes against the ethos of what formula one should be about.


I sincerely hope you don’t Exit…… Stage Left.

Schumi Toronto

“Attention all planets of the Solar Federation. We have assumed control.” As a Toronto boy, I recognized this immediately! This is RUSH, from “Grand Finale”, from the album 2112! I was there, Friday June 1976 at Massey Hall for the concert that was recorded for the album All The World’s A Stage.

As for this Liberty media bullshit, I think your new domain name should be B1F …. BLOG ONE FORMULA. Take that, you spineless little overgrown eyebrow!!!!

Negative Camber

LOL…that was the first album I bought of theirs. Didn’t miss a tour since Hemispheres. :) I have a room full of guitars because of Alex, he’s the reason I started this guitar playing hobby…damn him! ;)


I managed to sneak “Things that I once dreamed of have become reality” (from Circumstances) into my dissertation. No hat tip to Geddy at the time, I regret to say.

Rick Ness

I managed to grab the last seat in the last row top balcony for that Massey Hall concert. “We have assumed control” The commanding voice of the late City TV reporter/anchor Mark Daily.

peter riva

Let me see, you thought the same bunch of crass idiots who staged the Brazil F1 intro a la prize-fighting would have the class and acumen to discuss anything? Not going to happen.

Also, try and work it out… you have worked too damn hard not to let it go (bruised ego notwithstanding). What they did was unfair, but don’t let the bastards grind you down.


Thanks to the Sean Bratches discussion in this podcast – and the last one, I can’t get this out of my head. It’s clearly his theme song.

Negative Camber

That video is a paradigm shift and is underserved.

Matt Guss

I’ve only been a listener and supporter for a few months and now look what happened! I’m very sorry this trademark shit-storm is hitting you but of course you’re dealing with lawyers, not F1 fans. Your podcasts are awesome, enlightening and help build the audience support and information that F1 sorely needs. (Wish I found you guys 10 years ago when I started watching F1 — it’s tougher to figure out on your own when you don’t come from a racing background.) You’d think FOM would know this and make an accommodation for constructive uses of their brand but no.… Read more »

Negative Camber

Thx Matt. Yeah, in the end they are simply guarding their brand and I really do understand that. It’s not fun for us but it’s something they need for their new owners and model and as explained to me, I get it. Still, not fun for us and a lot of work but in the end, hopefully it will be better for everyone.

Matt Guss

Grace, undershirts are a no-go unless you are a Duluth Trading Co. model. But you are right about socks. No socks or those ankle socks are creepy. And Ricciardo with no socks makes me think of his shoe champagne fetish which makes me nauseous.

Negative Camber

no sir, undershirt at all times in all weather. Not sure how Grace feels about that but that is negotiable. Socks are too unless you’re wearing sandals.


Undershirts / t-shirts for undershirts are optional. It works for some, not for others, and based mostly on preferences, though more prevalent during cold temperatures.

However, socks are a must unless you’re wearing flip-flops at the beach or in similar situations.

David Brigham

Always loved the Python and the Mitchell and Webb, now Rush too? This is “The Best Blog Ever”. Just upped my monthly donation to help with the change over, whichever domain you choose I will listen and spread the word. Thank you Todd.


I have been a listener/reader/forum member for several years and a Patreon sponsor. I am sorry that the relationship with Liberty and FOM has changed. You really put into perspective the amount of work ahead for you with the domain change. I was unaware of the consequences of changing the URLs etc. I think it is shortsighted to say the least on the part of Liberty/FOM as far as their relationship with grass root fan sites who are effectively free promotion. I will continue to support the site and look forward to the fun and informative content. I appreciate the… Read more »


A standardization system can be implemented and still have cars look and run differently. After all, when you get down to the most basic of all descriptions, an engine is an engine is an engine. Internal combustion is still one concept that everyone knows about. It’s merely how the engine is made that can be different, even if the parts are the same. Things can be interchangeable and still be different. Shocks are shocks, struts are struts, steering wheels are steering wheels, yet they do have their ways of making it unique to each car. It’s the overall structure and… Read more »