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    I have a question regarding the commenting system (not inside forum, but inside the news/editorial sections) – Is there a function to subscribe to a post so that you are notified when replies are made? If so, can it be done at the post level vs topic level (or vice versa)? Is there a function to block users from view?

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    Tom Firth

    Hi Subcritical,

    I think for post specific, is a little tick box that says something along the lines of “notify of replies” when you type your comment before post. I believe it sends them to whatever email address you registered with. I’ve not actually tried it yet though.

    Should also be another box at the top of each post which says to enter an email address to notify and that one is topic level. Let me know if you can see these, I think you can.

    As for blocking from view, no.

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    Thanks Tom, are forum posts moderated? I put a new topic on ‘the Parc ferme’ category and it did not show up, but the stats show that I posted last and also says there are 7 topics, but only shows 6. Do you see one titled something about the Laureus awards?

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      Tom Firth

      Spam filter grabbed it with the link. It is posted now.

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        Tom Firth

        Also the forum is moderated in the sense of having moderators. The only reason your post didn’t show was because the filter grabbed it.

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    Ok, thanks. Makes sense!

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    So the wordpress comments system is far inferior to Disqus. Any chance you’ll go back to using Disqus, or at least something better than the current system?

    The main issues I have are:
    Lack of formatting options – especially tables. We often talk about stats and times etc. Being able to format (or at the very least pick a fixed-width font).

    Subscribing and tracking comments and replies without getting absolutely spammed with email.
    Disqus let you go to a central profile where you could see all your comments and the replies. This is far far preferable to getting email notifications.

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