FOTA clarify Ecclestone meeting

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FOTA has taken an opportunity to clarify the events that occurred during a recent meeting with FOM chairman, Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie had explained that FOTA should “pull the (eff’ing) trigger” if they bring a gun in.

That event has been tempered with a measured response from FOTA:

“FOTA wish to clarify the situation regarding remarks that have been widely reported in the last few days concerning a meeting between members of FOTA and the Commercial Rights Holder,” the teams’ body said in the statement.

“The meeting, which took place in London on March 18, involved John Howett, the Vice President of FOTA, Flavio Briatore in his capacity as chairman of the Commercial Working Group of FOTA and Ron Dennis as a member of the Executive Committee of FOTA as well as Bernie Ecclestone, the Commercial Rights Holder. The FOTA representatives presented the unified views of all FOTA members.

“The purpose of the meeting was to discuss payment of money owed by CVC (the effective owners of the commercial rights to Formula One) to the teams and relates to agreed sums owing from the 2006, 2007 and 2008 championship years.

“FOTA are committed to accelerate the signing of the new Concorde Agreement and, as part of the conditions necessary to obtain the signatures of all the teams, it was necessary to reach a conclusion to this outstanding matter.

“During the discussions, any position stated by the members of FOTA who were present was supported by all members.”

Not actually a denial but it didi lack the chest-pounding bravado and admission that the next time they go; they’ll bring a gun and lots of ammunition.


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