FOTA go public with F1 Vision

First we had Dietrich Mateschitz suggesting that teams should own F1 and now FOTA have announced a media event in Geneva where they will unveil their Future Vision of F1. To me this seems very interesting in that these issues are usually done with the Max Mosley, FIA President, at the helm and a supplemental comment in the press by Bernard Ecclestone, F1’s commercial rights boss.

this seems somewhat autonymous of the established and age-old power bases of F1 such as the FIA and FOM. I have not read that they will be in attendance and one could certainly understand if they were but irrespective, FOTA is flexing their political pull and the ability to assemble press, media coverage and perhaps news stories that rival the FIA or FOM.

Fans seem to resonate with FOTA at this point as they have had enough of the FIA and FOM wranglings and regulation debacles that have neutered the sport to a processional parade of exotically expensive cars burning fossil fuel, egos and dreams. The infighting, bickering and sophomoric arguments of the past are not sustaining our Churchill-like resolve anymore and we seek a change to tell us where this sport is heading and how we can be part of it in a positive way. Perhaps FOTA is the answer?

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