FOTA Meeting: Customer Car Compromise?

In further meetings today between FOTA members excluding Williams F1, it seems they have perhaps come closer to an agreement. It is reported that Max Mosley, FIA President, has warmed to the idea of a ‘glide-path’ for the budget cap with next years cap set at 100 million Euros and then moving to the full cap in 2011. In return, the teams may have equally warmed to the idea of allowing customer teams next year. this would allow the new teams to field decent kit to be competitive with the top teams spending 100 million Euros.

It is also understood that the regulation of the cost cap was a big sticking point,a s one can imagine with the notion of FIA delegates plowing through your balance sheets, and that the notion of self policing was required by the teams with oversight from Deloitte. CAnt he end of the FIA/FOTA row be near? Could the angst and chest-pounding give way to actual racing? Racing that has been dominated by Brawn GP in a championship year with an asterisk?

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