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FOTA met today at Heathrow to discuss the new regulations lobbed at the Formula 1 series last week by the FIA. upon the conclusion of that meeting, FOTA released this Press Release:

London, 6 May 2009 – The FOTA Executive Committee met today in Heathrow to examine the new regulations proposed by the FIA for the 2010 F1 Championship and to evaluate the progress of the negotiations with the Commercial Rights Holder for the renewal of the Concorde Agreement.

FOTA held a positive and constructive meeting and agreed to continue working together in a methodical manner for the definition of further cost-reduction in 2010 and 2011, progressing along the path begun in 2008.

FOTA has concerns with the decisions taken at the last WMSC meeting regarding the 2010 regulations and therefore asks to begin urgent consultations with the FIA.

Could they be any more vague about their meeting? In reality, it probably isn’t a good day to start hammering the FIA or Max Mosley on his regulation changes for 2010 as the news of the Mosley family’s loss have been predominantly on everyone’s minds. In light of that, the PR from FOTA was probably very appropriate indeed.

We’ll wait and see what “urgent” means and that will be predicated on what Max Mosley deems reasonable so soon after the loss of his son. No one wants to be accused of the height of callousness by trying to pistol-whip the FIA or Max while the Mosley family is experiencing a tragic moment but the questions still remain and someone at the FIA will need to step up and continue the business of regulation negotiations. This also brings to light the concern of having all the muscle of the FIA vested in one person. I would be in favor of Max taking some bereavement leave and should that occur; who will handle FOTA? TRuly difficult times.

Tenuous times for all involved.


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