FOTA responds: ‘not entirely negative’

The FIA has announced that they are in possession of an official response from FOTA regarding Mosley’s request that they join the 2010 season application process without any conditions. It is understood that the response from FOTA has several attachments outlining what the Teams Association would need in order to file applications for the 2010 season. While the FIA have remained firm in their views, they did make a point of suggesting that the answer recieved from FOTA today was not entirely negative…whatever that means.

“The FIA has received a letter and various attachments from FOTA, the contents of which are not entirely negative, and we are currently examining the details.”

The situation drags on but FOTA has certainly got the momentum, members and support it needs from the manufacturers, drivers, sponsors and fans. Surely the FIA and FOA have seen the negative brand equity that Max has right now and the multiple calls for his ouster. The FIA may have legal tricks up its sleeves but in the end game; FOTA has the hold-out weapon and just may choose to use it.

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