FOTA to hold emergency meeting

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Williams F1 has submitted their application for entry in the 2010 F1 series and rumor has it that other teams such as Force India, Brawn GP and even McLaren may follow suit soon. The fear here is, as stated in podcast #107, that these teams are racers only with no industry to fall back on and their future is not something to risk. All that makes sense from their standpoint but how does it impact FOTA’s ability to negotiate with the FIA from a strong position?

Some suggest that an agreement in principle has been achieved with Max conceeding on a few of hte hot topics but nothing has been committed to paper. I submit that this is the formation or outline of the new Concorde Agreement and that will take some time to ratify. In the mean time, do the teams submit their entry application? Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari and FOTA President, said:

“We will have to see what happens this week,” Ferrari president and FOTA chairman Luca di Montezemolo is quoted as saying by Italy’s Corriere dello Sport.

The Italian, backed by fellow dissident competitors including Toyota, Renault, BMW and Red Bull, added: “We will participate in the next season’s world championship if we have a proper F1.”


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