FOTA votes to scrap KERS

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FOTA members voted to scrap the KERS device for 2010 as it poses a serious expenditure that neither they nor the new teams entering F1 can hardly afford. Max’s pet “green” project needs to be scrapped and this measure is yet another reminder of how Max’s regulation whims have cost the series more money than saved. WE’ve been saying for months, here at F1B, that there is nothing inexpensive about being “green”. Almost every initiative that seeks to be “green” costs more than conventional ways and while the desired outcome may be noble, it’s concept is flawed from a purely up front economic cost stance.

While BMW were not keen on scrapping the KERS, they did admit they will go along with FOTA’s desires on the subject. Ferrari principle Stefano Domenicali said:

“Yes. In terms of the discussion we had within FOTA, we are talking about cost saving for the new teams as well.

“We are the only one together with McLaren who are using it. We invested a lot and we always said that it is difficult for the supporters to understand why there are some cars with KERS and some cars without KERS, so if you have a total logical approach, if we are all together fine then it is better not to have it.”

Good for them. It’s about time someone starts talking logic in this sport.


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