FOTA welcome Todt to FIA

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FOTA has posted a press release on their site congratulating Jean Todt on his election as FIA president. While FOTA did meet with both candidates, they were careful not to endorse either but conventional rumors suggested that the teams were supporting Ari Vatanen…but that’s just rumors. Needless to say, those who feel Todt’s employment at Ferrari will provide a bias; I say he did not part on the best of terms with Ferrari and it may prove to be a difficult sea to navigate when discussions grow heated.

The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) today congratulated Jean Todt on his victory in the FIA presidential election, and welcomed him to his new position.

Speaking after the result of the election had been announced in Paris, FOTA Chairman Luca di Montezemolo said: “I would like to send my best wishes to Jean Todt in his new role, as I have always appreciated his ability, dedication and commitment. I am sure that, under his guidance, the Federation will be rejuvenated and will restore a climate open to dialogue and constructive collaboration with the teams and FOTA, thus ensuring stability of the regulations and the whole environment”.

“Formula One is about to embark on a new phase: all the stakeholders must work together with an eye to the future, to increase the credibility and interest generated by this sport, tackling the technical and environmental challenges that await it, while keeping unchanged, those characteristics that have made it one of the most popular disciplines on the world stage”.

FOTA Vice Chairman John Howett added: ”I extend my best wishes to Jean Todt as he takes on this demanding but crucial role. I am convinced that Jean Todt’s presidency represents an opportunity for all Formula One’s stakeholders to unite under his leadership and work together to strengthen our sport. FOTA is looking forward to supporting him to broaden the appeal of our sport among fans and sponsors while respecting Formula One’s great heritage to which he has contributed enormously.”


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