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Well it wouldn’t be a good year in F1 if Max didn’t cock up something. It seems the best way to settle the issues, calm the issues of the teams and make the series better for the fans is to start releasing a barrage of documents and press releases trying to exonerate yourself of any blame while making your actions seem noble and charitable.

Seems Max forgot that part of being the President of the FIA is to be s problem solver even hen your ideas are not favorable. You must seek common ground, build upon those strengths and be willing to seek compromise on both sides. Max, here is what I expected…I expected you to navigate these waters and be professional and find a solution as the President of the FIA. Instead you chose to handle it with your usual flair for the political hack job that you do and forgo any responsibility on your part of being a leader. The best leaders are servant leaders and these people find solutions when there is seemingly no solution. Instead you have just lobbed bombs, grenades and innuendos as your smoke screen of negotiation. How about actually working to get this done instead of getting your ego hurt every time someone disagrees with your position.

Last time I checked; this isn’t about you Max. You can see the documents here.


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