Foyt / Tracy part ways

You see, it’s the pure fact that Paul Tracy is too good for a ride. Foyt has part ways with the Canadian because, according to Paul Tracy (PT), he is too good and brings too much scrutiny to the team. PT does make it clear he would be willing to do another race or test or wash their cars in the back lot should someone need him.

“I spoke with Larry Foyt yesterday to say, ‘okay, let’s do this season’, and he appreciated that, and said he’d discuss it with his dad,” Tracy told

“Then later, A.J. called and said, ‘Look, I’m embarrassed about the car we gave you in Milwaukee. I can’t afford to be putting you in my equipment until we’ve got ourselves up to par. Having you in the car puts our team under the microscope, and I want to get our team better before we do that again’.”

He added: “A.J. is a straight-up guy. I’d never worked with him before last weekend, and I liked his attitude of trying to get things done. So I’ve basically told him that any time he wants to run me – and I’m talking a race or even a test – then he just has to call. I’d be really happy to help.

“I’m sad not to continue with Foyt. I was looking forward to traveling to races again and helping a little team punch big. But ultimately it’s the team’s decision. I hope we can work together again soon.”

A 17th place last week probably didn’t help things, PT.

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