“Frankly, we gave it to him” says Whitmarsh

Kimi Lewis

Apparently McLaren did warn Lewis Hamilton about a possible red light at the pit exit in Sundays Canadian Grand Prix that saw Lewis collide with Kimi Raikkonen’s stationary car in pit lane.This according to the Guardian’s Alan Henry.  But alas, the warning apparently came late and Lewis plowed into the back of the Ferrari.  Although some have suggested that Lewis was not at fault and that Kimi is the real culprit; I for one think McLaren and Lewis both made tactical errors and while Lewis’s move could be the bone-head move of the year; he’s brilliantly talented and many drivers have had bad moves before.

in some small way, I’m happy it happened because it exposes the Lewis Hamilton sycophants as they are blaming Kimi for where he was positioned and it also find Kimi red-faced (when sober) and that just may put some fire back in this Finn that I have come to respect.  Now lets’ see Kimi really drive the wheels of this sucker!

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