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In this episode, Todd and Grace discuss the latest Formula One news, including Nico Hulkenberg joining Audi and the rumors of Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull. They speculate on the potential driver lineup changes and the impact of these moves on the teams.

The conversation also touches on other topics such as Valtteri Bottas’s future and the possibility of Adrian Newey joining Michael Andretti. The conversation covers various topics including the announcement of a new free streaming channel for Formula One in the United States, the potential for more sprint races in F1, and the challenges of broadcasting and coverage in motorsports.

The hosts discuss the need for professional broadcasters and the importance of providing context and analysis in sports coverage. They also touch on the differences between Formula One and MotoGP in terms of racing excitement and unpredictability.

In this final part of the conversation, Todd and Grace discuss various topics related to Formula One and MotoGP. They talk about the possibility of combining Formula One and MotoGP races in the same weekend, Liberty Media’s role in both sports, and the differences between the fan bases. They also share some humorous headlines and comments from listeners. Overall, they express their excitement for the upcoming Miami Grand Prix and thank their supporters.

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00:00 Introduction and Off-Topic Banter
07:33 Nico Hulkenberg Joins Audi
15:48 Adrian Newey Rumors
33:28 Debate Over More Sprint Races in Formula One
41:18 Comparing Formula One and MotoGP: Racing Excitement and Unpredictability
50:54 The Meaning of it All
59:58 Is Stroll the New Pastor?
01:07:58 Conclusion and Gratitude

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