Fry: Three offers

Honda F1 boss Nick Fry says the team has had three credible offers for acquisition but warns that these offers need to be coagulated by Christmas if there is any chance of saving the team. our scoop-meister’s at Autosport have ‘exclusively revealed’ the opportunities and posted this story.

“We have to have credible interest this side of Christmas,” Fry told “Clearly that doesn’t mean we are going to have a deal done by the end of the year, but Honda need to be convinced that there are serious, potential buyers out there.

“If that is the case then we are funded through January and February – so right up until Melbourne.”

He ruled out the possibility of the team joining the new season late.

“If we get to Melbourne and we are not there, then clearly at that stage the situation will look very bleak,” Fry said.

“I don’t think there is an instance of a team not starting the season and successfully coming in later – even though the rules allow it. In theory we could miss four races – but so far history shows no one has ever done that. The proof of the pudding will be if we are in Melbourne or not.”

Fry added that Honda had already been approached by potential buyers after news of the pull-out broke.

“It is going to be difficult, but we have had three different serious groups approach us overnight with a view to taking on the team,” he said. “So, we will see what happens over the next few weeks.”

He was unwilling to offer any details of the groups involved.

“They are foreign. I can’t say any more,” said Fry.

Hmmm. Could they be from the Middle East? Could Jean Todt be involved? Could Gerhard Bergermeister MeisterBerger be involved? Or could this just be a fire sale for another team to pick up gear and talent for cheap?

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