Fry: ‘we don’t subscribe’ to Schumacher criticism

Mercedes GP’s Chief Executive Nick Fry has hit out at detractors over comments made this past week regarding the Canadian GP performance of Michael Schumacher. The seven-time champion was lambasted in the press this week from the likes of Martin Brundle, Eddie jordan, David Coulthard and just about every other British press journalist who has never had an affinity for the German driver. Even Reuters couldn’t help themselves in the Fry story.

“It’s not something I or any of us would subscribe to. He’s been an absolutely fantastic team member, he and Nico (Rosberg) work very closely together, he pushes the team very hard and he’s a great influence on the team.

“We thought he drove a pretty good race (in Montreal) and I was somewhat surprised to hear that he got a bit of a pasting because that certainly wasn’t our view,”

Fry’s defense of Schumacher is understandable as he should defend his team but I also found his comments about the cohesive nature of the team due to Schumacher’s presence and the spirit of unity working within the team and drivers.

Perhaps one day we will hear a different story from teammate Nico Rosberg but for now, even he has remained positive about his elder teammate. As I said before, I find the presses vitriol a bit over the top regardless of the history between Schumacher and the British press but I suspect the discerning fan can see the disparity in the stories when Button, Hamilton or even Anthony Davidson put a foot wrong or experience a ragged race. Fair enough, it’s the bias of nationality and I get the plot.

I suspect even Schumacher himself pays little attention tot he press these days and is squarely concerned about his current potential in the team. It is nice to know that the Magic 8-ball has compelled Fry to comment on the issue while wearing a Fiat jacket at the MotoGP race at Silverstone. Shake, shake, shake…defend Schumacher while in Italian jacket.

Give him time to prove or not prove himself folks. As for the press? Lighten up Gunga Din!

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