Fun or not, would you wait for Schumacher?


The silly season is in full swing and with the Red Bull announcement of Mark Webber’s extension, eyes are darting around the paddock for the next driver contract issue. Naturally, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa is a waiting game of much interest but so is Mercedes AMG Petronas and their driver Michael Schumacher. With Paul di Resta and Lewis hamilton rumored as potentials, the timing issue may be important.

The 7-time champion’s contract expires at the end of 2012 and many have suggested he’ll retire again or that he should retire again but Ross brawn isn’t so sure. AUTOSPORT has the story:

“We are focused on Michael for as long as it takes – and for whatever it takes,” said Brawn. “Then we will see where we are elsewhere.”

“We haven’t discussed it, but he enjoys himself and, if he enjoys himself, why not?” said Brawn.

So he’s having fun and that’s a good thing but is it enough to hold Mercedes motionless on moving toward a new contract with Schumacher or another driver? Brawn says the time is coming:

“Inevitably you come to a point where you have to say: let’s have the discussions because these things can sometimes take some time, and you have to have the discussion and you have to reach a conclusion in order to plan for the future.

“But there is no deadline or critical point where he or we have said that we must have a decision by then. It must be the right decision: that is the most important thing.

“It will be a mutual decision, I think when the time is appropriate we will sit down and we will go through all the considerations and come to a conclusion,” he said. “I think knowing Michael as I do, it will be a logical and sensible conclusion, driven by passion of course because he enjoys what he does.”

What would you do? Would you sign Schumacher again? If so, would you want to get that issue out fo the way so you can concentrate on the remainder of the 2012 season and beyond? Does Brawn’s relaxed nature suggest that they are going to re-sign Schumacher and there is not a big hurry in negotiations? Is it a famous Formula One smoke screen such as Red Bull pulled announcing the Webber deal a day after they said there is no hurry? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below…in the meantime, Schumacher will be over here having fun while you decide.

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