Mr. Friesacher is set to loose his ride due to a lack of funds. Sadly the pay to drive scenario is a reality in F1 with teams seeking cash to keep the doors open and the cars running. True this gambit is largely a part of the smaller teams but the tragic end is really the impact it has on potential drivers. Justin Wilson comes to mind. Drivers who show promise but lack the funds to drive have rarely been picked up by the larger teams. They are left with few choices for racing.

Now one could argue that they got a shot at the big time and if they were really that good; they would have landed a ride. I am not sure it is that simple. A young driver whose contract with XYZ, Inc may have certain criteria that permit him to go to other teams but the nuances of taking XZY’s logo with him on the new car could put a hamper on the opportunity. Just a guess but I surmise, like everything in F1, nothing is that easy. Perhaps Patrick will find some more support but I am equally saddened that it has come to this. Guess it was inevitable.

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