Gascoyne: Imposing figure!

Vijay Mallya has suggested that Mike Gascoyne, released last year from Force India, was:

“In a way, Mike Gascoyne was a very imposing person.
“(He) practiced a formula that was ‘his way or the highway’ and these talented people were not given an opportunity.”

Now call me Mr. jump-to-conclusions but I think Mike got the axe once the McLaren-Force India partnership was all but inked and who needs a guy like Mike or Colin Kolles around (who was also sacked) when you have The Paragon and its legions of grey matter knights? But, alas a reason must be found and while McLaren have sent a team of white lab coat folks over to help, Force India still need some junior engineers to deploy McLaren’s program and technical know how. You wouldn’t need a highly paid, imposing figure like Mike to be the worker bee for McLaren’s Einsteins. It sounds much more plausible that these junior engineers or worker bees were just oppressed by the maniacal mind of Mike Gascoyne. It was his way or the highway! Uh…isn’t that what his job was? He ran the ship and made the call. Just saying…

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