Gascoyne suing Force India

Autosport announced that Mike Gascoyne, former technical chief of Force India, is suing the team for damages after being let go 12 months early on a 3-year contract.

Mr. Gascoyne is seeking $2.5 million in damages and a portion of the $5 million in options had he re-signed. Apparently Mike feels his dismissal was not warranted and premature from a compensation stand point.

I must say that while I am not litigious in nature and abhor those who seek litigation as a first resort, Mike may have a beef here as his dismissal is only adding tot he reputation that is is difficult to work with. He also may be out $2.5 million in wages which contractually were due him. We’ll see how this plays out but in the end game, Vijay probably has that in his wallet.

Last year Vijay’s justification for dismissing Gascoyne was:

“Force India is my most difficult project to date and it has become clear that it requires more direct input from my side and greater performance accountability.

“We have come a long way this season, but we need more and that requires some radical reorganisation of the management structure to ensure the maximum productivity.”

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