George closes Vision Racing

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Unfortunate news from Indycar keeps coming this week. First, Tony George stepped down from the IMS board as we discussed here. In that story his mother, Hulman & Co. chairman Mari Hulman George, informed everyone that her son was stepping down. It was expected that George would remain active in Indycar via his racing team, Vision Racing.

Today it was announced that vision Racing would be closing shop. Vision Racing spokeswoman Pat Caporali said the decision was due to a lack of sponsors for 2010. I can’t claim to be a huge Indycar fan and as a CART fan, I am not the biggest flag-waver for Tony George but honestly I hate to see this happen. Two reasons this is upsetting: first for the team and secondly to Tony George himself.

There are a host of reasons that quite honestly are far beyond my periphery gaze on the series. I do know that it is waning in interest and exciting racing action. I also know that it takes more than just George to bring a series down and more than just one race to keep a series up. I don’t wish George strife but I wonder if the decisions he made have been more egregious to the series than surface inspection would reveal.

The press release from his mother made the France family seem like the Huxtables and the cold and corporate nature of the release seemed bereft of the praise one would normally receive for their years of hard service to the organization.

All of my guesswork would be mere conjecture so I will not venture further in derisive quips but will say that I am curious as to how the remaining teams feel about Mari Hulman George at the helm and the future prospects for the series. Is there are market for a resurrection of CART? Has open-wheel racing in America died? Or has Indycar just relieved itself of a thorn in its side?


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