Gerhard Berger as FIA President?


Gerhard Berger

Ed Gorman, who writes for the Times, has written an article for sister publication, The Australian, regarding Berger as the new candidate for the FIA Presidency.It has been rumored, for a while now, that Jean Todt was the likely successor and with that notion came the comments of Ferrari bias and pandering.  But with Gerhard in the chair, would there be anyone who would suggest bias and discourse with the selection?  Perhaps this is why Gerhard was being easy on Max this weekend at Monaco when asked about his opinion on the whole affair.  Gerhard almost seemed supportive of Max when questioned.  Hmmm.

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I would have no problems with the Berger-Meister-Berger in Max’s chair. There may be others more qualified for the job, but a high-profile person such as Gerhard is probably best for F1 at this point in time.

Negative Camber

I keep thinking they would look for a lawyer for the position but that may not be a big deal afterall.


I assume that there is some sort of conflicts provision that prohibits FIA president from having an ownership interest in a team?

If true, I suppose that would certainly mean the end of Berger’s involvement with, STR, in whatever form, next year, and that he will try to sell the entire team, rather than partner up. Also, logically, following Super Aguri, it means a greater likelihood of there not being any team at all. 18 on the grid, anyone?