German drivers lament news of the Ring

While we mentioned Mark Webber’s desire for the Nurburgring over Hockenheim, we also would be remiss in not mentioning the German driver perspective that came out of Thursday’s press conference.

Sebastian Vettel:

“It would be a real shame to lose Nurburgring as a race,” Vettel said. “We hope that Nurburgring will recover quickly.

“It’s one of the most traditional races we have on the calendar so it will be a big loss. Similar to if we lose Monza for the Italians, for instance.”

Michael Schumacher:

“There is a lot of history for all of us German drivers that relates to the Nurburgring race,” said Schumacher. “We just wish the situation well and hope that we find solutions to be back there as soon as we can.”

What do you think? While James May doesn’t seem to be a fan of the Ring for car testing, do you lament the fact that a possible loss of the circuit would be a real impact on Formula One? More to the point, the calendar has plans for a lot of new circuits and one doesn’t have to do much arithmetic to figure out that perhaps the Ring may not have had a place in the future even when alternating with Hockenheim. While F1 fans may be in mourning over the possible loss, they are rejoicing as it seems the Belgian circuit Spa Francorchamps has re-signed until 2015.

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