German GP a sure thing in 2016

The good news regarding the 2016 provisional Formula 1 calendar is the return of the German Grand Prix. The missing grand prix from this year’s schedule was a real head-scratcher for many F1 fans who feel that Germany is a must-stop destination for F1 and why wouldn’t it be? Nine championships between Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel and current German drivers on the grid? Surely this appeals to the German fans.

Or does it? According to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, Germany may be in a success overload of late:

“There is a little bit of a hangover in Germany about F1, sports in general and national heroes. We had Schumacher five times in a row, we had Sebastian Vettel four times in a row, the German football team winning the World Cup. I think they have had it all and where do you go from there? Maybe not going there for a year and coming back next year could be a good thing.”

While the desire to win is good, perhaps Germany is tired of winning everything they participate in? Sure, whatever. I suspect the series is seeing the manifestation of its identity crisis in Germany than other locations…certainly in the UK.

The series is currently suffering from waning TV viewership and race attendance around the world and while the UK always supports motor sport in fine fashion, Germany may be more of a bellwether nation than the UK or even Italy due to the Ferrari connection. Regardless, Hockenheim will be back and perhaps it will sell more than 50,000 tickets in 2016 but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Wolff said:

“There is an impact on [Mercedes] from losing the German Grand Prix but, as much as it is a shame that we can’t show and display our cars in front of our fans and Daimler colleagues, we will be there next year. Hockenheim was scheduled for next year and there is no doubt it is going to happen. It is sure.”

It sounds as if Merc and Formula One Management have worked out a deal with Hockenheim to get the race back on but the circuit was asked to host this year’s race and couldn’t. Let’s hope Germany still loves F1 because it would be a real shame to miss a race there again. While he’s at it, maybe Toto could go speak with the French too?

Hat Tip: Independent


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“Nine championships between Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel”

Eleven… You’re missing Schumacher’s two in the mid-nineties at Benetton I think.


A true ferrari fan

Paul KieferJr

Ancient Rome, anyone?


I think we knew this as soon as we heard the story “Next year the attendance had better be good if we want to continue.”. I think they said they have a contract for 2018 as well and basically would rather not host in 2017. Hopefully bernie will croak soon (at least before they need to negotiate a new contract) and be replaced with someone who will give the teams and tracks more money. My pet theory is this germany issue is half of a result of them having to charge too much for tickets, half petty revenge for him… Read more »

Mike S

WRC race-viewing on the DVR today and I am now convinced that several F1 issues can be solved with a single change. Crowd interest, F1 drivers wanting to pinch curbs, Race review authorities making unpopular calls, synthetic tarmac issues, Pirelli compound complaints….all solved with the introduction of a F1 Joker Lap, we shall call it the Bernie-Bend.