German Grand Prix primer

German GPThe German Grand Prix at Nürburgring will be one of the higher downforce circuits on the calendar. Look for difficult balance between high downforce and the stability needed under heavy braking in turns 1, 13 and 14.

Traditionally the Nürburgring has seen some understeer in the medium-speed corners but this years regulation changes have produced cars with more oversteer so it may be an interesting compromise.

The braking is not particular heavy at the Nürburgring so we shouldn’t anticipate any major concerns there and the engine is only at full throttle for 62% of the lap so it is not too stressed comparatively. The heaviest pull will be out of turn 7 and uphill to turn 10.

The altitude does play a factor as well with a reported 5% reduction in power at the 500m above sea level and the weather is changing by the minute.

If the cool weather bully’s its way in the the Eifle Mountains, Brawn GP may be looking at another British GP result if they haven’t sorted their tire temperature issues. Both Brawn GP and Red Bull Racing have brought upgrades this weekend and look to capitalize on their momentum.

The tire compounds will be fit tot he circuit now that Bridgestone announced they are forgoing the alternate compound step and will bring two contiguous compounds that serve the track, temps and cars better. Thank you for seeing the light!

Look specifically at the chicane at turns 13 and 14 for the best overtaking possibility.

Can Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber give Brawn GP a run for their money? Have the Brawn’s met their match in the development war with the brilliant Adrian Newey? Have the Red Bull’s passed Brawn GP in performance or was the cool-weather Achilles heel fluke just a ripple in the domination that has been Brawn GP all year long? What do you think? Let me know by commenting below.

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