German Grand Prix situation ‘a bit messy’

I’m not claiming I have a full take on this, but this is news that has to be passed along to y’all:

Things are a bit funky with the German Grand Prix. Here’s what the BBC is reporting:

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone will consider changing the name of the German Grand Prix in an attempt to end doubts about this year’s race.

Financial problems may necessitate the race – scheduled for the Nurburgring on 7 July – being switched to Hockenheim.

As we all know, the German race rotates between the two venues; but there is trouble with this year’s race, but not enough trouble that the Nurburging’s owners aren’t putting up a fight about moving the race to Hockenheim.

Because, you know … this is Formula 1.

Here’s Bernie’s ultimate take on things: “It’s all a bit messy. At the moment the race is on-off, on-off. It’s all a little bit political, with different political groups fighting each other.”

Essentially, from what I gather — and it seems like this is breaking right about now — the Nurburgring folks are having trouble coming up with the money to host the race; yes, that old story. But they are being defiant in allowing the race to occur. Because, of course, there are two separate organizations that control the two circuits, and so there is that in-fighting.

What will happen? I’d have to assume they reach some deal. We’ve all watched these negotiations before. Heck, these negotiations may be what keeps Bernie so young.

But if they don’t reach a deal? Then there’s this possibility: One F1 race over the course of two months during the summer. Seriously, check the calendar. We’ve got the British Grand Prix the last week of June, Budapest the last weekend of July and then nothing until the end of August, when F1 returns at Spa. The hole in late July is when Turkey was supposed to get back on the calendar.

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