Germany’s Vettel, Schumacher take 6th Nation’s Cup in RoC

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Team Germany has secured its 6th Nation’s Cup at the Race of Champions in Bangkok this weekend. Drivers Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher dominated the session to secure a record 6th title. Schumacher beat Romain Grosjean in his final stint while Vettel bested rally star Sebastien Ogier.

The duo have been unbeatable since they teamed up for the year-end event that celebrates drivers from all over the world who compete in a series of races in differing car types. Could the duo see at challenge for a 7th title? Schumacher says heck yes!

“For sure, we’re going to be here, that’s a must,” said Schumacher. “Actually, my lucky number is seven so we are going to push hard!”

What do you know, Vettel won a race and title in a non-Newey car…hmmm, maybe this kid is a good driver after all huh?


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