Get well Murray Walker, #getwellmuzza

I’m not trying to start a revolution but I do believe we owe it to our beloved Murray Walker to throw some #getwellmuzza love out on Twitter and other social media outlets. I know it seems a bit daft coming from an American and  while I did not grow up listening to and loving Murray Walker’s inimitable style calling all of those decades of Formula One races, I can assure that this singular man had an impact far greater than the mere confines of the British Isles.

Murray walker is recovering with a broken pelvis after a fall while on vacation in Germany. The legend was born in 1923 and served as a tank commander in WWII. He started calling Formula One racing in 1949 and became the voice of F1 throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. He retired in 2001.

Let’s all throw some support behind a legend of motor sport and a singular man as he recovers.


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