Gibernau’s team out of MotoGP!

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seteI am not sure who broke the story but the first hint of it that I saw was at our friend David Emmett’s site so I link there out of respect.

Sete Gibernau’s MotoGP team is leaving MotoGP immediately and apparently Sete was one of the last to know:

“Grupo Francisco Hernando will not complete the 2009 season,” the team said in a statement.

“The reasons for this termination is the world’s crisis. The Group has decided to concentrate on its investments, focusing all its efforts in its projects as a promoter and constructor.”

This can’t be good and I am assuming that it is a shock but at David puts it; the shock may be that the team existed at all. Be sure to check out his commentary and post your thoughts there as well as here.

PHOTO Courtesy of: Scott Jones


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