Giedo van der Garde wins courts case against Sauber

If you’re a team and you feel like not using a deriver you have in reserve, you may want to make sure that driver ins’t Giedo van der Garde and he doesn’t have a legal case against you otherwise you may be ruled against in Australia. At least that’s what has happened today in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

According to the Court, 2014 Sauber reserve driver, Giedo van der Garde, has won his case against Sauber who dropped the Dutchman in favor of drivers Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson. It is unclear as to which driver will stand down to make way for Giedo this weekend at the season-opening grand prix in Australia or if either of them will given they too have contracts with Sauber.

Sauber seem to have gotten themselves into muddy litigation over their decision las fall to replace Van der Garde as their 2015 driver but the Dutchman insists the team reneged on their deal and the court agreed with him as did arbitration in Switzerland.

The plot thickens for this weeks Australian Grand Prix with many wondering just how a team that doesn’t want Giedo in it will react to being forced to give him a drive. The team tried unsuccessfully to lodge a safety concern over Giedo’s lack of testing the 2015 chassis as their reason for not fielding him this weekend but Justice Clyde Croft found no merit int heir argument.

The team released a statement saying:

“We are disappointed with this decision and now need to take time to understand what it means and the impact it will have on the start of our season. What we cannot do is jeopardise the safety of our team, or any other driver on track, by having an unprepared driver in a car that has now been tailored to two other assigned drivers. “

The team feel the situation could be dangerous as the car has never been tested or driven by Giedo which is much the same as the case they made in court.



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