Gimme a vodka with a beer chaser: Kimi Raikkonen to NASCAR?

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Just when we were all so bored with Formula 1’s Silly Season that Force India was becoming interesting, a newspaper in Finland has saved the day.

Ilta-Sanomat is reporting that Kimi Raikkonen is going to switch from Citroen to Ford in the World Rally Championship next season, a deal that could also open up a few outings in NASCAR events.

Here’s one link to AFP recounting the news.

Now, I suppose if you want to be picky, you’ll call this one a big rumor. True enough. But one fact we’ve got is that Kimi and Citroen haven’t been able to do a deal. So his signing somewhere else is a possibility.

And I think Kimi still carries a big enough name that bringing him over to the U.S. for what might be a token spin in a stock car is plausible.

For Raikkonen, I’d think the chance to break into the U.S. market would be intriguing. (Maybe more intriguing is just getting a pay check.)

I’d make more jokes here, but I really spent all my creative energy in the headline.

We’ll see if there’s anything to this.


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