Glock out at Marussia

The German press have been busy this weekend providing two news stories that have stirred the Formula One community. First, the announcement that Williams F1 investor Toto Wolff is leaving for the Mercedes role formerly held by Norbert Haug and secondly, Timo Glock is parting company with Marussia as Russian driver Vitaly Petrov will take the seat.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t see that coming but with Vitaly Petrov hunting for a seat and presumably the Caterham F1 option was less desirable than the Russian-backed Marrussia team as the race in Sochi gears up for 2014. Glock said he and the team have had a great three years but he’s focused on new challenges in motor sports. Whether or not that could be in F1 seems very difficult as there are precious few seats left but then again, I hadn’t placed Petrov at Marrussia so who knows?

It’s a great opportunity for Petrov but I’ll admit that I am a Timo Glock fan and it’s a shame he won’t be in the seat to help the team continue. In this day of pay-to-drive becoming the routine in F1, it is really all about the cash one can bring to the team and it seems Glock may have gotten out bid.  What do you think? Good move? Bad move?


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