Godless Alonso on babies, kings and cars

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso spoke with Corriere della Sera’s Flavio Vanetti and answered a few questions about life, God and Ferrari. The interview was interesting on many levels and as an atheist, Alonso has never believed in destiny outside what we make for ourselves. So how does that affect his driving? Well, one could point to the pit lane pass on teammate Felipe Massa as an example of creating his own destiny.

On Massa pass in China:

In China you’ve been criticised for overtaking Massa at the pit lane entry. Would you do it again?

Absolutely yes.

On God:

Spaniards and Italians are very religious. In Italy there’s even the Pope. Are you a religious man? How’s your relation to God?

There’s no relation and I have never looked for one. Let me say it again: I don’t believe in destiny or in acts of God: if a plane crashes and you die, it’s not because someone called you to heaven.

On Italy:

Do you see Italy divided between North and South?

No, I see it united. Don’t forget that I’m coming from a country where we have Basque, Catalan and even Asturian separatists.

On King Juan Carlos:

What do you think about your King, is he a Spaniard from the third millennium?

Young people respect him, but they don’t pay lots of attention. He’s an institution, more part of the generation of our parents and grandparents. On me Juan Carlos makes an enormous impression, because I’m a traditionalists.

On Alonso:

Who is this Alonso behind the visor?

A calm guy. I’d say even likeable. And romantic. He doesn’t have any special characteristics, I’m just a normal guy. I’m shy and I don’t hide it. But when I feel at ease, the real Spaniard comes out.

On babies:

Prognosis: maybe Briatore ‘contaminates’ you and you’re becoming a father too.

I spoke with my wife Raquel and we decided that now is not the right moment. There’s my work, but there’s also hers: she’s a singer with 40-50 concerts per year. for a family you have to stop, first of all. And nothing will be as it was before. In this case destiny will decide for us; well, maybe not, because even in such a situation you’re your own referee.

On Schumacher:

Alonso, who do you like to overtake?

Leaving Schumacher behind is always nice: you’re talking about it for a whole week.

On the Current championship battle:

Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren: is this the right order?

Red Bull is stronger in the qualifying and they are very fast; but we can catch up in the race. McLaren knows how to develop its cars very fast, but we’re not joking either. Total: Ferrari favourite for the Championship.

On Ferrari:

Does Maranello deliver the emotion you imagined?

No, it’s different. It’s even better. I expected to come to the strongest team, being able to benefit from the potential. But Ferrari is much more: it’s a passion, a philosophy, a way of life. I’m contaminated by this emotion.

So there you have a little insight to Alonso on the world, royalty, babies and God. Perhaps not in that order but one thing is clear, he is very happy at Ferrari and seems to have been consumed by the cultural change that being a Ferrari driver delivers.

I am still convinced that Ferrari are not that far off the pace of Red Bull and a dry race in Spain will either prove or disprove my theory. The big question is engines. I have a sneaking suspicion that the engine problems, while downplayed at Maranello, will come back to bite Ferrari in the backside. Odd the interview didn’t cover that.

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