Good idea or not? Indian GP organizers get F1 team input on track

The organizers of next year’s inaugural Indian Grand Prix are not relying solely on Herman Tilke to provide the Formula 1 world with an exciting venue.

Apparently they actually pay attention to the racing at Tilke tracks!

In order to make the track as exciting and challenging as possible, the promoters have sent the track specs to some of the F1 teams so the information can be put into team simulators. The goal is to get feedback and thoughts on how to make the track better.


Here’s info from the F1 site:

Hermann Tilke, the architect behind several recent new circuits including Turkey and Abu Dhabi, came up with the initial design for the Indian track, but several teams were also consulted before construction began in earnest.

“We have shared the design with some of the Formula One teams to put it into their simulators, and they have come back with some recommendations on how to modify it to make it a little more exciting,” explained Mark Hughes, vice president of JPSK Sports, who has experience of other new F1 projects.

“I have been lucky to have worked in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi before, so I have a good relationship with the teams myself. I was able to go to some of them and ask them if they are able to give their input and the feedback has been invaluable.”

(I can’t help a quick USGP digression. I’m just imaging the same happening here in America, only the only teams that get the track specs are NASCAR. And the suggestion that comes back? “More left turns!” Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week. Tip your waitress.)

Now, here’s a little hint about the track design:

Four million cubic tons of earth has been moved to give the circuit plenty of undulation, with rising 14 metres between Turns One and Three alone. Inspiration has also been drawn from Turkey’s infamous Turn Eight, with a double-apex corner, slightly banked, forming part of a ‘mini-arena’ that alone will seat 13,000 spectators.

Undulation is music to our ears, huh? And I do like the idea of seating fans around a potentially exciting part of the track. That makes sense, too.

Organizers sound confident the track will be finished in time. And why not? It’s not like we’re talking about the Korean Grand Prix.

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