Good news, everyone! Canadian GP sold out!

Thank you, Canada.

And not just for being good-natured enough to be America’s punching bag when we’re feeling down.

Race organizers at this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix have announced the race sold out. All tickets are gone. Time to start queuing up for 2011.

Here’s the happy quotes via Autosport:

Tickets for the 2011 race have now gone on sale, with this year’s prices held for all bookings up to the end of July.

Event promoter Francois Dumontier of Octane Racing Group said Montreal’s enthusiasm for F1 was evident as soon as the race’s return to the calendar was secured.

“We are of course very pleased with the public response,” said Dumontier. “Local fans, obviously proud of their grand prix, were quick to respond when we announced ticket sales last December, and we soon realised that they were not going to stay away from something they appreciate.

“Then, over the course of the following months, we received huge fan response from abroad, which pleasantly surprised us. Our ticket sales in Europe were exceptional, and this is a testimony to the appeal of our event in traditional Formula 1 markets.

“There are thousands of connoisseurs who have for years watched the Canadian Grand Prix broadcast from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, and were now ready to cross the ocean to witness a Formula 1 Grand Prix, Montréal style. We are going to welcome them, as we do with all other fans, with warmth and enthusiasm. And I invite Montrealers to do the same.”

Uh-oh. So I guess this means the F1B crew needs to start checking its calendar for 2011. This weekend turned out to be busy for a bunch of us, and frankly I have my eye on India or even Turkey (or maybe Le Mans), but… it’s Canada! And, judging by the response from fans there, it’s still awesome.

Well done, eh?*

* Yes, yes, the cheapest Canadian joke there is. It’s early here on the West Coast.

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