Goss takes over as McLaren technical director

While McLaren found a new role for technical director Paddy Lowe, the team have promoted his replacement with immediate effect. Tim Goss will take over as technical director for the Woking-based team after news of Lowe’s impending move to Mercedes in 2014 became public today. Team boss Martin Whitmarsh says Goss has what it take telling the press:

“His quiet and unassuming persona conceals a fierce competitiveness and a wealth of experience, coupled to an unrivalled level of expertise in the field of Formula One car design and engineering.”

“I firmly believe our technical and engineering team is the best in the F1 business and that its strength in depth has always been, and will continue to be, an important element of our on-track success.

“Moreover, I’m certain that, in his expanded role, Tim will continue to lead it very capably and will evolve and improve it.

“That’s his brief and it’s already clear he’s prepared to embrace it with energy and enthusiasm.”

Whitmarsh says the new position is richly deserved and that Goss will take the role with immediate effect. One has to wonder what, if anything, could have kept Lowe at McLaren. If the only logical next step is team boss, then Whitmarsh has that securely held and McLaren can’t begrudge Lowe from improving his station in life.

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