GP3 Launching Soon?

According to the Evening Standard, Bernie Ecclestone is close to launching his GP3 series as a low-cost entry to the world of feeder-series racing.  With a budget of $570,000 it seems likely to appeal to small teams who have aspirations of not only developing young drivers for future stardom in GP2 and eventually F1 but to move up the rank themselves.

Now color me reactionary but this all plays well with an entire package of racing series for Mr. E.  If you imagine he owns GP2, soon to be launched GP3 and has an issue with Max, the FIA or anyone else for that matter; F1 could become GP1 as the crowning series.  The entire GP book of companies, resources, marketing dollars and sponsors could be nicely shaped and symbiotic to each other.  In short, a racing juggernaut of epic proportions and even larger dosh.  With recent Maxisms, strangely this appeals to me on many levels.  I also would like to see the return of the privateer and the tidy GP3 series would be the perfect vehicle for that.

Now trying to work all these things out with the teams, Max, FIA, Sponsors, CVC, FOM and the fans is a bit like gaining equal rights laws in Malaysia for non-Malay’s.  But should anyone be able to pull something like this off, it would take a person like Mr. E to do it.  While Max is beginning to expose the most Quixotic of notions with the new ADAC threat meeting in October and his incessant Malatestra murmurs; I am thinking this would be a good time for Big Bernie to pull the rug, table cloth, cat-o-nine-tails, tea bags and Woman #5 out from underneath Max.

Sign me up Bernie; I’m waiting for Team Lucas to get on the grid at the first GP3 race.  With F1B sponsorship of course.

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