GPDA still concerned about KERS safety

Autosport has an interesting article quoting Mark Webber about the GPDA’s concern over the KERS system deployment for 2009.It is stated that BMW still do not knwo what caused the electric shock of its mechanics during testing at Jerez las month and Mark’s concern is that should something like this happen during a race weekend, it could be catastrophic. He makes a good point.

Whether you like the idea of a “green” F1 or not, F1 has made outstanding strides in safety over the years and to be pragmatic about KERS instead of precautionary over safety seems counterintuitive to me. Safety should come before a “green” image in my book and I think Mark raises some good concerns. Tou can read the story here.

The story does have some interesting perspectives from teams eager to use the KERS system. Especially some insight to how much the system is relative to their team budgets. This could parlay some of the criticism over the expense of KERS versus the FIA’s cost reduction measures moot. In the end, irrespective of teams eagerness or the “green” element, it should be safe.

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