Grace on 7-31-09

You may have noticed some changes here at F1B – we’ve hired some new people, Todd came up with a new logo, and your good buddy RD1 now has her own weekly column. The idea is to return the snarky back to the site in a regular feature the highlights all the good, bad, and straight out ridiculousness that is Formula 1. I hope you enjoy the new feature and please let me know if you have any feedback.

Favorite headline of the week: Schumacher may consider F1 return
This is actually a bonus article because not only does it contain a fine example of The Schumacher Press Machine in action but it also contains some prime Michael Schumacher Fashion, and really, who doesn’t love that.

This week, in the wake of Massa’s accident, The Schumacher Press Machine has said that if approached by Ferrari, Michael might consider returning to the sport, HOWEVER, (and it’s a pretty big however) he’s an old man, he hasn’t raced since 2006, and he had that big bike accident back in February. This to me sounds like a no go for The Schum. Sorry Todd.

The Flav File: Jr Jr and The Flav in a war of words
You don’t say. This just goes to show that old habits die hard and that nothing has really changed at Renault at all, except maybe Alonso making Jr Jr look bad. Oh wait, that’s been happening all season too. So the recent news out of The Flav camp is that Jr Jr is not long for this world (quick someone call JV!) and that Piquet is nothing but “opening the book of excuses” to explain his results. I’m pretty sure it’s the one Andy featured on one of the Frantic F1 pieces – you know the one written by Ralf Schumacher – Although the spectator’s sunglasses has to be a new one.

Favorite Flav quote: “I’ve always been fair with my drivers”
(How did he even deliver that with a straight face?)

Jr Jr’s retaliation: “Flavio is a business man, but he doesn’t understand s*** about F1” (Even though he’s my manager)

Jr Jr also called Alonso a fantastic driver which I’m pretty sure is written into the Alonso clause. All of this makes being Fernando Alonso just a wee bit easier.

Race Feature: First, Mark Webber and now McLaren. I should have moved to the off week shows months ago! And if that wasn’t enough Randy de Puniet got a podium! Sure, both races were a bit bizarre but a win is a win and if Jenson can be proud of Hungary (or was that Turkey) I think these guys can be proud of their accomplishments as well. Sure, I still rate Webber as mid-level talent at best and I think this is a sign of Macca’s resurgent in F1, but that’s not the point. The point is the world of racing finally gets interesting again and I’m relegated to a single column of snark and the off week podcasts. Sheesh. Can’t a girl get any respect around here?

Until next week, RD1 Out.

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