Great news for Jenson Button

Great news if ou are a fan of Jenson button, McLaren have found the niggle that been nagging the British champion since the Chinese Grand Prix. The team had their famous phone-in for the press and AUTOSPORT was all over it like flying monkeys on Dorothy. the ever eloquent Beer Matt of the venerable motorsport rag even found a creative use of the word ‘nadir’ which gets a big thumbs up from F1B:

“I think Canada was very interesting because fundamentally we run the same car for both drivers and they both have the same parts available. Although we allow them to adapt the set-up to their driving style, clearly we had something fundamentally different in terms of the tyre performance and car performance,” said Simon Roberts.

“We’ve been able to actually capitalise on that and there’s been a huge amount of work back at the factory analysing the data and just checking that everything was as we thought it was.

“We’re pretty sure at the moment that there was nothing untoward with Jenson’s car and actually nothing fundamentally wrong with the set-up, but in the subtleties of these cars there are some differences, and I think going to Valencia we are optimistic that we’ve identified that.

“I think we can have a slightly different way of getting Jenson’s car under him for both qualifying and the race.”

If we read between the lines, Jenson’s car has had a set-up difference that the team contribute to his poor showing so that logically means that the affable Brit will be on par with his dynamically-performing teammate Lewis Hamilton right? Anyone want to pick Button for a win or podium this weekend?

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