Grosjean crashes at ‘Piquet’ corner / Briatore Party’s!

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In his defense, Romain Grosjean is not feeling well this weekend but if F1 has an irony button; someone just pushed it. After running for nine laps, Grosjean crashed at turn 17 (which the press have aptly renamed “Piquet Corner”) stopping his session short.

If that doesn’t add insult to injury I am not sure what does. It also suggests that it’s a tricky corner and I would like to see Grosjean’s telemetry for the corner as compared to Piquet’s. Excessive throttle?

Grosjean had suggested that he may not be feeling well enough to race this weekend which brought Lucas Di Grassi in reserve mode as the stand-in. If Di Grassi does sit in for Grosjean, this would be the third driver for Reanult’s #2 car this year. It will have more drivers than points this year…actually, it already has.

In other Renault news, ousted team boss Flavio Briatore has promised a party after he fights back and wins. He has promised to invite all those who have stuck with him during this difficult time. Autosport carried the story as originally published by Repubblica Newspaper.

“I’ve been betrayed by my own world,” he told Repubblica.

“In the end I will win and, you’ll see, we’ll have a great party. It will be organised well and we’ll invite all those people who have stayed close to me during these tough times.

“(This response) is just a matter of good manners, because I don’t want to say absolutely anything. I’m not giving any quotes. I will talk only at the right time, assuming that they still allow me to talk.

“Look at the verdict the FIA has put online on Tuesday: it is not about me.”

So who’s with me!!?? Anyone? Hello? Let’s party!!!


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