Grosjean knew Renault would struggle; does he know they’ll succeed?

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I can’t fault Romain Grosjean for leaving Lotus GP and joining Haas F1…not in the least. Haas F1 has done a terrific job of making the most of their non-listed parts team strategy and alignment with Ferrari in 2016 and Romain is a large part of that success.

Looking back on the move, Romain shared his thoughts with AUTOSPORT on his departure:

“I felt Renault would have the year they are having, that it would be very difficult.

“On the other hand there was an American team coming to Formula 1 and I thought if I can be there and make it successful, it’s going to be huge in the US.

“I was more than thinking ‘If I go to Haas they’ve got a Ferrari engine so I can go to Ferrari’.

“Ferrari will take the driver that suits them best, it doesn’t matter if they come from Haas or anywhere else.

“So the best you can do is keep doing a good job, show you’re consistent, try to get the car faster and always be there when they need you.”

That’s understandable from my vantage point here in the US, sitting on a couch watching his career from afar but I wonder if felt like I did when Renault announced their possible interest in Lotus GP? Romain knew they were most likely going to acquire Lotus GP but anything can happen in negotiations and he was most likely well down the road in his own future negotiations at Haas.

Regardless, Romain mentions Ferrari and their proclivity for picking drivers (which I discussed last week here) and because they are very picky on their drivers, I wonder if there is a possibility of Romain returning to Renault? It would, in my opinion, be a terrific move and even though he knew they would struggle and it will take time to get back to fighting weight, Renault may be the team to watch in the future.

They know how to win races and title and peaked with Fernando Alonso in 2005 and 2006 handing the Spaniard his only titles to date. Grosjean could be a terrific driver for the team to build around and it helps that he’s, well…French.

Waiting for Ferrari may be what he’s keen to do but if I were Romain, I would keep Alan Permane’s mobile number handy…just saying.



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Lord Lusos

You are really dumb, do you know that in 2017 they will be better then Haas don’t you?

Paul KieferJr

Personal attacks verboten. Decorum and civility. Thanks.

Lord Lusos

Did i insult you? The hat fit’s your head? I didn’t insult anyone, i just call dumb to Romain for leaving Renault for Haas! I don’t understand what are your f*cking problem, is he your lover or your son? WTF!

Clayton Brown

We appreciate the authors articles and podcasts. He doesn’t do this for a living. He has his normal day job and does this on the side, so some of us get really ticked off at people that find it easy to take a shot while hiding behind their computers – and in your case then try and pretend they were talking about someone else.

Scram dude.

Lord Lusos

You need medical help and fast!

Negative Camber

Dude, take you personal attacks to other F1 website for children, we don’t do that here. You don’t agree with the opinion, that’s perfectly fine, just say that and tell us your thoughts, we’re adults, we can handle different opinions and don’t need to have ours berated and called dumb to make your opinion more plausible. Shhh…the adults are talking.


Correct. I don’t spend too much time online but this is one of the few places that has a civilized commenting section. Lets keep it that way.

Lord Lusos

I’m calling dumb to Romain Grosjean but if the hat fit’s you…

Clayton Brown

Well … ummm … you know Romain didn’t right this article … right?

Lord Lusos

Why should i comment about the dude who wrote the article? WTF?

Clayton Brown

You commented “You are really dumb” … then when told to take your negative attitude somewhere else you tried to play it off like you were calling Romain dumb. I was just pointing out that you were clearly attacking the author of the article … and if that’s the case you really should take a hike. Take your negative attitude (and broken English) elsewhere.

Lord Lusos

You have problems pal! Why should i read a article and comment about the men who wrote that article? About my “broken” English still better then your portuguese, spanish and italian! Go to the doctor and claim for help, you need mental help and fast!

Tim C.

Please take that elsewhere.

Lord Lusos

who was the bad man who compels you to respond to my post? Respect the others! Go elsewhere!


Considering they are building their 2017 car around the same 2015 car they built the current 2016 car from, do you really believe they will be any better? Renault is planning for a new 2018 car and challenging for the championship in 2019.

Lord Lusos

If you belive that, and by the way the man who designs for Renault is the man who design the 2005 and 2006 world champions R25 and R26 and was the man who design the winners Mercedes!

Richard Piers

Grosjean probably did the sensible thing at the time, it wasn’t that difficult to foresee what would happen this year, plus I’m sure he had a nice payrise.
For the future it is difficult to believe that Haas will ever be more than a second row team unless a US manufacturer decides to jump in, but Renault should be there or thereabouts within a couple of years.
I don’t see Grosjean at Ferrari, too many bright young things now appearing.

Clayton Brown

I don’t believe Romain thought Haas would be successful, and I think he had already put pen to paper when Renault deal was announced. I certainly think he has to know that Renault will be one of the best teams in the next several years as these factory teams tend to be quite successful. Whether that’s 3 years or 8 years …. who knows.

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