Grosjean not happy with Schumacher

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To be perfectly honest, Michael Schumacher had a tough weekend in Hungary. The cause for a second formation lap, a drive-through penalty and a DNF are all contributory to a weekend the veteran would probably like to forget. Then there is the issue with Romain Grosjean:

“We chose to stop early in the second stint, tried to stop Lewis at the pit stop and then I get stuck behind Alonso a little bit and Schumacher didn’t let me past on the blue flags. I’m not happy at all to be honest, it cost me one and a half seconds and when you see how close it was with Kimi at the pit exit you can imagine [the difference it made].

“Well this is racing and it’s good for the team that we have two cars on the podium and let’s bring the upgrade in Belgium and there we can maybe get our first win.”

If it weren’t bad enough, Schumacher is being accused of ignoring blue flags now and unlike Lewis Hamilton in Germany, he could not simply pass the car ahead of him in an effort to un-lap himself.

It was a bad weekend and even Mercedes AMG Petronas boss says that Nico Rosberg’s 10th place was about as good as their car was last weekend. then Grosjean kicks Schumacher when he’s down and you’ve got an unforgettable weekend to be sure. The blue flag scenario is rapidly becoming a topic of discussion these days after Hamilton’s move in Germany and now Schumacher’s move in Hungary.

It’s never been a favorite of mine but what do you think about the blue flags? Should drivers instantly hit the brakes and get out of the way or is there an element of driving your race?


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