Grosjean set to take Haas F1 seat in 2016

As silly season progresses, the BBC Sport folks say that current Lotus F1 driver, Romain Grosjean, is poised to make a move to the Haas F1 team for 2016. The incomparable Andrew Benson says that Renault is still set to take over the Lotus team and while that would mean French ownership and Grosjean is a French driver, Renault Sport F1’s Cyril Abiteboul dropped a heavy hint by saying:

“It’s a shame we couldn’t talk about it, but we maybe were not ready in time. It’s all about timing.

“Romain is a great driver, he deserves a great team. There’s no national bias, we wouldn’t stay in Formula 1 for a particular country or region.

“Renault is an international brand, especially in countries like China and in south-east Asia. But we’re on a project which necessarily needs a little French touch. There are young Frenchmen pushing, so I’m not worried.”

If Haas F1 has secured the services of Grosjean, it’s a good move for the team. Romain is a fast driver and has current F1 experience and car knowledge. All things the team needs in order to get stable in its first season in F1.

I think it’s a good move but I will say that the whole French-ness of the Renault acquisition and a French driver played well with me. I was hoping to see Alain Prost back at the helm and Romain in French racing blue. Such is life, I guess.

Hat Tip: BBC Sport


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Humberto Saabedra

If Grosjean got a better offer from Haas, who could blame him for leaving? The way I see it, Haas is better off taking two experienced drivers for the time being until they get their bearings in the sport. If that means that Rossi misses out for 2016, so be it. We still don’t know if Rossi will be able to score points in F1, either.

peter riva

I agree, good move by Grosjean. BRAVO for him! But…
Miserable decision by Haas.

Johnpierre Rivera

couldn’t agree more…

Paul KieferJr

Well, that definitely fits with Haas’ desire to get an experienced driver.

peter riva

Big mistake. F1 is all about internet outreach (viral media) and popularity. Grosjean popular? Nope. Oh, sure among the F1 journalists and paddock, but the public? Who’s kidding who? Nice guy, sure. Dynamic, exciting, special? Nope. Really special talent (like Alonso, Kimi, Hamilton…) nope. Okay, he’s beter than Maldonado… but, come on, Perez is twice as popular and exciting as Grosjean. And perhaps a better driver. (and no Todd, I am not talking record, I am talking F1 excellence… Grosjean may suffer from the Peter Principle). Haas is making a big mistake. F1 is now (sadly) not all about driving.… Read more »


Big John is my favorite driver, beyond an affection for hamilton that is solidly Mclaren-based. (I regard Alonso and Button and interlopers. Renault and Honda drivers respectively)

Dr T

Lovely photo of Romain staring down that ladies’ top… definitely a Frenchman


He’s swiss. The only thing french about him is his racing licence.


And his eye for ‘detail’ ;-)