Haas F1 chassis better than Ferrari’s

I’m all for optimism, I really am, but until you’ve ran a car in Formula 1, that positive outlook seems to be something all teams who enter have. A season later, it changes from positive to sheer shell shock having had their backsides handed to them.

Let’s hope that Haas F1’s positive and optimistic outlook for 2016 isn’t a case of bravado before bravery. According to team owner Gene Haas, their chassis will be a better product that Ferrari’s in 2016:

“I think our chassis is going to be substantially different in construction from the Ferrari one, because we’re just doing it separately,” he told Sky Sports recently. “We think our chassis in some ways will be better than a Ferrari chassis because we’re using some more…I won’t say state of the art, but we’re taking a different approach than Ferrari is and we think it’s probably a better design.

“The Ferrari is more conventional, they’re going to stay with what they’ve been doing for a number of years.”

Now that’s really a positive attitude to take into the season and it’s an interesting one in that he felt compelled to draw distinction between his team and the provider of all things technical for his car, Ferrari.

Recent blurred lines about what a customer car is and what a works team is has Haas fielding some pointed questions about just what makes his car not a Ferrari and he’s had to answer those question by parsing words and pointing out that they do not have a Ferrari chassis even though everything else may be Ferrari provided.

I understand that, I really do, but he has pushed the limits of customer supplied IP and parts so perhaps this chassis will be something that does set his team apart and I don’t have any reason to doubt that. As for it being better than a Ferrari? Well, as I said above, time will tell but few on the grid have the complete package that Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull have in the chassis department.

Ferrari’s chassis may be an evolution while Haas is a fresh start but given the bigger question of what version of Ferrari engine will be int eh back of their chassis and what firmware will it be running, perhaps his “better” chassis may not get a chance to show its true betterness so to speak.

Hat Tip: Sky Sport F1

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Haas does have one advantage over all the current F1 teams, they are not yet constrained by the limitations on wind tunnel testing time or CFD MFLOPS used. Manor have certainly pointed this out during the year. While this is a theoretical advantage, without confirmation of the model figures on the track (where they can not only measure the downforce actually produced, but also their performance in relation to the other teams) it is hard to know just how good they are. They will be able to measure improvements as the design evolves, but won’t know if their chassis is… Read more »


Yes Gene. Underestimating the opposition, surely that’s the key to success in F1. Maybe you should hire Peter Windsor as your OOO.

Tim C.

Exactly what bits and pieces are Haas getting from Ferrari . . . other than the shove.


The regulations require that teams own the Intellectual property rights of certain key components of the car. These are listed in Appendix 6 of the sporting regulations.:
Survival cell;
Front crash structure;
Rollover structure;
I understand that Hass want to get as much as possible of the non listed parts from Ferrari. So the power unit, gearbox, transmission, suspension etc.

Fred Talmadge

It’s the off season, everyone is saying they will be better, well except maybe Red Bull.

charlie white

I’ll repeat it again: if the Haas F1 team scores equal or more points than Sauber or Williams after the first four 2016 races, the debate on the differences between a constructor & customer car will move to center stage. There’s a storm coming.


I’m getting a pre-2015 Mclaren Honda vibe….a lot of expectation and hype only to DNF on the way to the grid in Australia

The Captain

Oh you left out the best part of his interview. “I’m sure that if Danica had the right sponsors, she’d probably be a great Formula 1 choice just because of the insane publicity that would come with that. If you were a sponsor and wanted to hit one out of the ballpark in terms of the number of people that would want to watch this, then it would be phenomenal. But on the other hand we want to win races, so you have to kind of balance that.” Yea, I don’t actually laugh out loud from the internet all that… Read more »


Lets forget Haas and his comment for a second and assume that the onus of a building a good chassis for Hass F1 is on the experienced partner Dallara. Now I am really curious, is Dallara capable of producing a top 3 or a top 5 chassis for F1 ? Is it chassis development just a function of money which will help Haas come out better than HRT of the past in the chasis department ?