Haas F1 contest the entire Force India car in Abu Dhabi

Photo by: www.kymillman.com/f1

Let’s be honest, there’s one team on the Formula 1 grid that isn’t happy with how Racing Point Force India has entered this sport. That team is Haas F1 and they’ve filed a complaint with race stewards in Abu Dhabi contesting the legality of the team’s entire car.

The issue at hand is that each team must field a car of their own making per the regulations and since Force India was sold to a new ownership team headed by Lawrence Stroll, Haas says that the car they are using is not their own car but a car made by another team.

The race stewards has said they are deliberating over a lot of written evidence from both team and look to have a decision on Saturday. On one side of this debate you may feel this is nitpicking the regulations and that Racing Point Force India are simply continuing the team with new ownership and investment.

On the other side of that argument is the letter of the law and technically Lawrence and his new team did not design, build and field their own car even though they own the current cars and assets they purchased from Force India. Regardless, it’s a serious issue for Haas as team boss Gunther Steiner said:

“I cannot disclose anything, it’s their job to do. I’d rather be quiet for once,” he said.

“For us it’s serious, and that’s why we took it to the stewards.”

If you’re Haas F1, you had to follow the rules to enter F1 and there may be a part of you that feels rules have to be rules for everyone or they’re not rules at all. On the other side, saving Force India from a likely demise was important for F1 and the owners, as well as investors, rushed the solution through in order to keep the team on the grid and racing.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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On the third hand, you have to wonder if there’s a bit of hypocrisy involved. Sure, Haas followed the rules, but they didn’t completely design and build every part of the car that they have. A customer car complaining about another team that inherited the cars that were available at the time of the sale? Pot, meet Kettle. Have y’all noticed how black y’all are?


I disagree. Haas built their car following the rules as they are written. They don’t have to build everything as laid out in those rules. Racing Point Force India hasn’t built anything.

jiji the cat

i agree with you Carrizojim.
The thing is; no one had an issue with Hass doing what they did until they became competative. Once competative the teams kicked up a stink, and if memory serves me right, im pretty sure force india were the most vocal along with williams. The rules where then tightened a bit.

If i owned an F1 team that was about to lose millions to another team and the other team hadn’t followed the rules, id be kicking up a stink. And as you said Racing Point FI have built nothing.

jiji the cat

this one will drag out and the lawyers will have a field day

Fast Freddy

How much of Lotus was left when Renault took it over?