Haas F1, Rich Energy story gets even more bizarre

The Haas F1 team is now fully cast in a leading role in a soap opera over their title sponsor, Rich Energy. A tweet earlier this week, attributed to CEO William Storey, said the company was terminating their sponsorship deal with Haas F1 over “poor performance” asying:

“Today @rich_energy terminated our contract with @HaasF1Team for poor performance. We aim to beat @redbullracing & being behind @WilliamsRacing in Austria is unacceptable. The politics and PC attitude in @F1 is also inhibiting our business. We wish the team well #F1 #richenergy”

The plot thickens as Haas F1 released a statement saying that majority shareholders were trying to salvage the deal and that the tweet was the work of a “rogue” individual and that the “individual” was being removed from their position.

The story doesn’t end there as a new tweet, believed to be from Storey, said:

“@rich_energy CEO @_williamstorey has commented “The ludicrous statement by minority shareholders cosy with @redbull & @WhyteBikes is risible. Their attempted palace coup has failed. I control all of the assets of @rich_energy & have support of all key stakeholders” #RichEnergy”

This is like a bad plot line from Days of our Lives soap opera at this point and what a comprehensive embarrassment for Haas F1. Haas F1 said they did the due diligence when bringing the energy drink company on board but clearly they missed a few things.

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Fast Freddy

Well the bottom line for Haas at least, is, did Rich Energy check bounce? Apparently not otherwise they would of been gone by now.